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How Much Does A Gas Meter Installation Cost?

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Business and domestic gas meters are chargeable and here at 1Gas we offer some of the best prices around, which is coupled with support and advice to help you along the way.

Gas meter installation requirements

In most cases, installing a gas meter tends to involve some background checks to confirm the gas pipe to which a meter would be fitted is suitable. A commercial site also requires a gas supplier prior to fitting the meter. At 1Gas we can help with both of these elements at no extra charge.

What affects the cost of installation?

The cost of a gas meter installation varies depending on the size of the meter required. These vary greatly and start at a U6 (also known as a BK-G6 or G4). A U6 can usually deliver a peak demand / maximum consumption of 64 kW (kilowatts).

Meters then increase in size to a U16, U25, U40, U65, U100, U160 and continue up to much larger bespoke meters, with specially designed gas meter rigs often required.

Estimate price details

- At 1Gas, a U6 meter will start at around the £150 mark (low pressure meter only) and increase according to the size of meter required and any other special requirements, such as meter housing / kiosk, concrete base, automated meter reading, or converter.

- Medium pressure meters are more expensive due to increased danger and the engineer skills required to manage higher pressure gas installations.

Our prices also vary by location in England, Wales & Scotland, but are negotiable to ensure our customers get the best deal possible.

Go here to request a free quote, or contact us today if you have any questions.

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3 Responses to How Much Does A Gas Meter Installation Cost?

  1. Aza says:

    Hi, i need a U16 or U25 meter instalation at the property following property:
    259 Normanton rd
    DE23 6UT

    Could u give me a quote please. I am looking to start a fast food place.

  2. Lee hodges says:

    I need to upgrade to a u16 meter the supply pipe is 35mm would I need to change this

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