Why 1Gas?

We do gas connections day in and day out, so our expertise and knowledge ensures there are minimal delays, and that headaches are primarily resolved by us, not you. We're also rated rated 9/10 and ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot. We challenge you to find other gas-connection suppliers who have the same quality of public reviews that we do.


  • Over 600 reviews on Trustpilot
  • Nationwide service
  • 100% free & no obligation quotes
  • No call centre queues

1Gas provide a complete array of gas fitting services that include gas pipe and gas meter removals, installations, relocation works, live / dead / capacity checks, upgrades and downgrades in addition to professional gas connection advice that is free of charge.

We take direct responsibility to ensure all work carried out is done so safely and efficiently, communicating our progress every step of the way. We believe that gas related requests can lead to a compromise and that many other companies specialising in gas supply or connections often use technical industry jargon confusing customers as to what a job may entail. You may also find that they do not offer a complete service e.g. only installation of the gas pipes but not the gas itself, which can lead to frustrating problems further down the line when coming to actually fit a meter. Adversely to this, 1Gas offer a unique approach concerning the gas industry, establishing your requirements from first contact right through to completion, therefore ensuring you have a single contact and company to deal with.

We understand the principle of good economy. Problems, misunderstandings, lost time and delays in projects being completed can put great expense strains on businesses. Gas connections can become complex and tricky if you are not sure what you are doing or cannot provide full attention. We know the necessary checks required in the early stages to ensure that nothing goes wrong at a later date that might result in hugely expensive remedial action.

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If you are new to co-ordinating gas installations or have organised gas connections yourself in the past and experienced difficulties, you may well appreciate what we can offer. We want to help you and save you valuable time and effort. With experience, knowledge and customer service expertise, 1Gas is a dedicated gas connection consultancy that specialises in the organisation of gas connections without the added stress, fuss or expense. We work on your behalf with suppliers, gas meter companies and pipe connections companies to make things easier to manage and with less hassle. Every request we handle is dealt with by an account manager who will update you on the progress of your gas connection. No matter what size your project is, we will deal with your request diligently and in a professional and helpful manner.