April 2011

A Summary Of Gas Connections & What You Need To Know

8th April 2011 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

Gas Connections, Gas Infrastructure, Siteworks, Site Services. These are all terms used to describe gas pipe installations connecting the National Grid’s gas mains, which run throughout mainland Britain, to a customer’s property and gas meters. Different utility companies and gas suppliers use alternative descriptions but they are all effectively the same. In this article we talk you through the behind the scenes activity and complexities involved in gas connections. Our years of experience has shown us that customers are often surprised by the length of time it takes to organise gas pipes and meters and seem baffled by the complicated nature of them. This is largely due to the fragmented nature of the industry which means that no one company is responsible for all the components required from the start of a request for a quote through to completion of dug-up tarmac being replaced in the street. We will talk you through a typical request for a gas pipe and meter and who does what. National Grid is one of the largest utility companies in the world and in recent years there have been many changes within the gas connections industry which have helped to bring greater competition to the […]