How Do I Upgrade My Gas Service?

14th October 2014 written by Richard Hearne in the category Resources

If you have recently installed new gas appliances in your home or business, you may find that your old gas supply is no longer sufficient.


To make sure all of your appliances work properly and your gas isn’t cutting out, you will need to upgrade your service and your meter.


At 1Gas we are dedicated to making sure your gas service meets your needs, which is why we have created this guide to our upgrading process.


Getting a Gas Service Quotation


At 1Gas we want to provide all our customers with the most cost-effective solution designed around their needs. To create a valid estimation we will:


1. Examine the existing pipework


This will show us whether the existing pipework needs to be replaced. We will also be able to move the route of service for you.


2. Establish the size of your previous service


This will help us identify the size of service you will need for your appliances. We just need to know what kind of meter you currently have.


For example, domestic properties and small businesses normally have a U6 meter. If you have a larger house or business we would advise checking with your plumber.


3. Estimate your gas usage


We need to know how much gas you will be using with your new appliances. If you aren’t sure we will refer to the ‘peak demand’ of your appliances to create an estimate.


4. Use the property address and meter location


If you have an external meter position you may also need to upgrade the meter housing.


Once we have provided you with our quotation, depending on whether you accept it or not, our team will also advise you on how to change your meter to suit your needs.


How to Upgrade Your Domestic Meter


If you’re upgrading your domestic service we would advise contacting your gas supplier, who will arrange for your current meter to be removed and a new, larger meter to be installed.


How to Upgrade Your Commercial Meter


If you’re upgrading your commercial service, we will include the cost of the removal and installation in our quote for you.


If you would like a quote for your domestic or commercial upgrade, please get in touch by using the contact form, email us at info@1gas.co.uk or you can speak to one of our team on 0800 644 0688.

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