How Can I Get My Gas Meter Removed?

20th October 2014 written by Richard Hearne in the category Resources

If you are considering getting your gas meter removed, it is important that you understand the process involved to ensure a cost-effective and efficient service.

Why would you remove a gas meter?


You might decide to remove your gas meter for several reasons, including:


  • You no longer need the gas
  • You are looking to upgrade gas meters
  • You are looking to downgrade gas meters

How to remove a domestic Gas meter


If you want to remove a domestic meter we would advise contacting your gas supplier if the meter is their property.


Following this, your supplier will:


  • Remove and camp the service
  • Remove the meter from your property

How to remove a commercial gas meter


If you need to have your commercial gas meter removed you should contact 1Gas.


To successfully remove your commercial gas meter we will need to know both the size of the meter and the pressure tier.


This information will also help us create the correct quote.


What costs and time frames are involved?


If you’re getting a domestic gas meter removed there will usually be no cost, however you won’t be able to use any gas appliances.


Commercial meter removals on the other hand do cost money and start from around £150.


Once confirmed the process will be completed within 5 working days.


Do I need to fully remove a gas meter?


If you decide to stop using your gas but don’t remove your meter, you will have to continue paying your gas bill.


As some tariffs include a standing change – a set amount is paid each day – removing you gas meter is often the most cost-effective solution.


If you think you have to pay a standing charge for your meter we would suggest contacting your gas supplier for more advice and guidance.


For advice on how to successfully remove your gas meter, get in touch by using the contact form, call us on 0800 644 0688 or email us at info@1gas.co.uk.


Paul Hall says:

Eon Energy wanted over £500 to remove out commercial gas meter. 1 Gas charged us £200. Thank you!

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