December 2012

1Gas QR Code

31st December 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Latest News

We’ve just updated our quote documents with a QR code which allows faster access to our website. QR stands for Quick Response and is effectively a better barcode format. If you have a smart phone or tablet computer simply download a free app and scan the bar code with the camera on your device and it will load the 1Gas website for assistance with your gas connection needs.

Gas Connections and Gas Meter Installations In London

26th December 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

1Gas can arrange gas pipe and gas meter installation services throughout the the whole of mainland Britain including England, Scotland, and Wales. We also specialise in gas connections for the UK’s capital city, London. We cover all regions including West, North, East, South, North East, South West, South East. London is notorious for stringent local authority restrictions on digging in roads. Congestion issues can be created if traffic lights or traffic control are required during the process of connecting gas for a property. Fees can also be expensive, especially if gas mains or service pipes are required at busy road junctions. Our efficient services allow us to offer competitive pricing with minimum disruption and friendly service to accompany.

How Much Does A Gas Meter Installation Cost?

written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

Business and domestic gas meters are chargeable and here at 1Gas we offer some of the best prices around, which is coupled with support and advice to help you along the way. Gas meter installation requirements In most cases, installing a gas meter tends to involve some background checks to confirm the gas pipe to which a meter would be fitted is suitable.   A commercial site also requires a gas supplier prior to fitting the meter. At 1Gas we can help with both of these elements at no extra charge. What affects the cost of installation? The cost of a gas meter installation varies depending on the size of the meter required. These vary greatly and start at a U6 (also known as a BK-G6 or G4). A U6 can usually deliver a peak demand / maximum consumption of 64 kW (kilowatts).   Meters then increase in size to a U16, U25, U40, U65, U100, U160 and continue up to much larger bespoke meters, with specially designed gas meter rigs often required. Estimate price details At 1Gas, a U6 meter will start at around the £150 mark (low pressure meter only) and increase according to the size of meter required […]

What Should I Do If I Have A Faulty Gas Meter?

written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

In the rare instance that a gas meter stops working or you suspect your gas meter is faulty, you should first of all ring the gas emergency service on 0800 111 999. This is crucial to rule out any safety concerns. A faulty meter issue could be caused by the gas meter itself, or something that a gas consumer is trying to do (e.g. attempting to use more gas than the incoming gas service pipe or meter will allow). There is also the potential that there is an issue in the incoming gas pipe from the road or footpath or in the gas mains such as a leak. Emergency engineers usually attend within an hour. If they deem that there is a fault with the meter itself, such as a faulty regulator, they may turn the gas off and instruct a meter repair be organised. To do this,  you should speak with your gas supplier who will then be able to request the meter owner sends an engineer out to arrange a repair or replacement.

1Gas: Why Choose Us?

19th December 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

How do you know which gas company to choose to carry out your work? This latest news post looks at why 1Gas could be the perfect choice for project.

Top Tips From 1Gas To Lower Your Gas Bill This Winter

18th December 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

This latest news post from the experts at 1Gas gives you some great hints and tips to help you lower your gas bills this winter. Read on for more information.

What Are Standard and Non Standard Gas Connections Quotes?

17th December 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

In the world of gas pipe connections, there are two main types of gas pipe connection quotes which we wanted to go into more detail about. Standard Quotation We provide gas connections for both domestic and commercial properties. We assist a wide range of customers who own or rent houses, flats, holiday homes, offices restaurants, takeaways, factories, council buildings and even league football grounds. You name it, we’ve installed gas to it! We cover the whole country including England, Scotland and Wales, and provide competitive quotes for a new gas supply. If you are looking to get a new domestic gas installation to your home, there are a few criteria that should be matched. Firstly, you should not already have a live service to your property. The premises must be used for domestic purposes such as a house or a flat, and there can be no more than 4 gas connections requested at any one time, to benefit from lower prices. In order for a gas connection to be classed as domestic, the distance between the gas meter and the gas mains must be under 40 metres in length. Generally for a domestic gas connection, your peak demand will be […]

Where Gas Comes From And The Benefits

16th December 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

We live in an age where we are heavily reliant on fossil fuels for energy to heat, light and operate equipment in our homes and businesses. In typical household situations, electric is often  the fuel source for lights and and appliances. Gas is commonly used for heating (boilers and gas fires), hot water, or in cooking through a gas hob or oven. However, not all areas of the country benefit from access to the national gas network due to physical distance from gas mains. Distances of more than 100 meters from gas mains can quickly created costs of gas connections in the tens of thousands of pounds. Natural gas was discovered under the North Sea in 1965 which sparked a revolution in the availability and popularity of gas in homes and businesses throughout the UK. A gas network has formed over time spanning the length and breadth of the country connecting millions of properties. As a fuel, gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels with minimal pollution created in the burning process. It is easily transported through pipes or bottles. Gas is sourced from places around the UK including Morecambe Bay and the North Sea. Gas enters the gas […]

Our Best Month Yet

2nd December 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Latest News

November 2012 is a record breaking month at 1Gas. Order totals for gas pipe connections and meter installations are 400% higher than November 2011. Our profit is also at the highest level since our launch in February 2010, thanks to the number of orders we are receiving. 1Gas was formed, in part, to bring better prices and improved service to the gas connections industry. We also launched one of the first websites to allow gas connection and meter quote requests online and believe we still make it easier than most of our competitors to request a quote on the Internet. From the very beginning, nearly 3 years ago, we experienced very encouraging interest in our services. More recently, following our move to offices in central Brighton, recruiting new staff, heavy investment in marketing, and an impressive new website, we are continuing to see strong demand and growth. Enquiry numbers are up this year which is a result of our advertising campaigns. The graph adjacent shows a tremendous surge recently and shows no signs of slowing down. We also have many testimonials which is really pleasing and tells us we are doing most things right. Ultimately it’s the positive feedback we receive which makes it […]

How Quickly Can A Gas Meter Be Installed?

1st December 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

Installing a gas meter might appear to be a very quick and easy task. In reality it’s not always straight forward or as fast as you might expect. A gas meter is just one part of a gas installation. To get gas into a property there must be gas mains  in the road of footpath near a domestic or commercial building, a gas service connection pipe, a gas meter, and outlet pipework (downstream of  a gas meter) which connects to appliances such as boilers or gas fires. Where there is already a gas pipe in place and a customer asks us for gas meter, there are a few considerations which we need to take into account. The first is whether the gas pipe is live or not. The second is what pressure exists in the gas mains (low, medium, intermediate, or high). The third is what capacity of gas can be passed through the gas pipe if it is live; This is also known as the load or peak demand / consumption (usually measured in kilowatts or KW, but it can also be measured in cubic feet, cubic metres, or BTUs / British Thermal Units). It’s important we check the […]