New 0333 Telephone Number For Mobile Calls

12th June 2013 written by Richard Hearne in the category Latest News

We offer a freephone 0800 number for customers to call but we know that 0800 numbers are often not free from mobile phones. Over recent years many mobile phone operators have started charging very high fees to call an 08 number regardless of whether it’s free from a landline or not. Some companies even charge as much as 20p per minute to ring an 0800 number.

To make it easier and cheaper for customers to contact us by phone, we’ve set up a brand new local rate 0333 number especially to tackle this problem.

03 numbers are usually part of inclusive minutes for those on mobile contracts or the price of standard call rate for pay as you go phone users, rather than at a ‘premium’ rate. The new number went live today and you can reach 1Gas on 0333 577 0 688. We can still be reached on 0800 644 0 688.

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