1Gas: Why Choose Us?

19th December 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

With so many gas companies about offering a variety of services, you may be finding it difficult to decide which company to choose. Who will provide the best service? Who will charge the lowest prices? Who will deliver a service that I am entirely satisfied with?

Here at 1Gas we are confident that we are the company that you’re looking for to provide an exceptional service from the second you pick up the phone and that continues until after the work is complete. So the question is: why choose us?

The Complete Service

Here at 1Gas we take pride in the wide array of services we are able to offer; it is our years of experience and wealth of knowledge that allows us to provide a variety of services while completing all work to meet our exceptionally high standards.

We are able provide gas pipe and meter removals, relocations, capacity check, installations, up and downgrades; of course, our honest and valuable advice comes free of charge for all of our customers.

We Put Your Needs First

While carrying out work we will always take every necessary precaution to ensure that all work is completed as safely as possible and that your gas connection adheres to all relevant regulations and legislation.

Unlike some companies, we don’t like to confuse you with complicated technical jargon; we’ll explain everything as simply and clearly as possible to let you make an informed decision about the work you require. Take a look at our website to find a section devoted to explaining industry jargon that you may have come across in the past.

At 1Gas we ensure that you receive the very best service from beginning to end and that you’re entirely satisfied with the finished product. If you’re thinking about upgrading or perhaps relocating your gas supply, here at 1Gas we have the experience and knowledge to provide the service that you deserve.

Why not browse our site for more information or contact us directly if you have any queries?

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