50 Testimonials and Counting

19th April 2013 written by Richard Hearne in the category Latest News

Since day one, customer service has been key to the success of 1Gas. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. We haven’t always got it right, and where we’ve been less than perfect we’ve learnt from it.

We believe that customer service should be every part of a company’s existence and in every communication with colleagues, customers, suppliers or engineers. We strive to be a friendly, personal company that will go beyond the call of duty for customers wherever possible.

In 2012, we received 19 testimonials which are on this website. In 2013 in the first 3-4 months we’ve already had 33 additional testimonials. We’ve just crossed the 50 barrier today (52 to be exact) and we’re really pleased with this result. In this situation, we argue that words speak louder than actions thanks to the many kind customers who have spent the time speaking their opinion of us.

Some of the reviews we’ve received for our gas pipe and meter connection services include:

▪ ‘Exceptional service’
▪ ‘Could not have dealt with my order more professionally, nor in a friendlier manner’
▪ ‘Second to none for customer service’
▪ ‘Everything went like clockwork from start to finish. Very professional, helpful, and easy to deal with’
▪ ‘1Gas were very co-operative – unusual for utilities providers’
▪ ‘1Gas gave me brilliant service, all questions answered quickly and accurately’

We’re not complacent. We’re investing heavily in marketing, staff levels and our website to keep an optimum service at all times. We think we will continue to grow and please many more customers in the coming years. We relish the thought.

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