How to complete the 1Gas quote request form

7th July 2013 written by Richard Hearne in the category Latest News

To obtain a quote through 1Gas is quick and easy. Just follow these steps and you could be receiving a gas connections quotation, hassle free.

1Gas Gas Connection Quote Requests

First of all, you should determine whether it is a domestic gas supply or commercial gas supply that you need a quote for.

Next, you should identify what type of works you will need at your property, whether it be a gas connection, multiple connections, an upgrade, a disconnection, or a new gas meter.

If for example, you require a single connection to an existing domestic property, the process couldn’t be simpler. Enter your contact details, enter the address of the property that you wish to connect to gas, and then enter where you’d like the meter position, what type of meter box you’d like if it’s external and who you’d like to excavate private land – The customer (you) or the gas engineers (us).

For all new build properties we will require a scaled site plan with your proposed meter location marked on it and a location plan that includes nearby geography such as roads and neighbouring properties. These can be attached to the request form at the bottom of the page using the choose file buttons.

Please note that with all domestic properties, meter installations are provided by your gas supplier. Details about obtaining a new gas supplier can be given to you by 1Gas upon request.

If you require a connection to a commercial property, you can follow the same steps as a domestic property but you will need to provide what you believe your maximum peak demand will be in kW (kilowatts). This is to determine the size of the pipe and meter we need to install.

We will also need to see a site plan with a proposed meter location marked on it for all commercial requests.  An explanation of how to attach files can be found above.

Gas Meters
If you wish for us to install a gas meter to an existing gas pipe there as a few things you should know…

First of all, you will need to determine what size meter you need (U6, U16, U25, U40, U65, U100, U160). You can work this out by your maximum peak demand in kW/h. Below is an image to explain.

We can then proceed with a GT1 (gas pipe check). This will tell us if your pipe is live/dead, what pressure it is and what capacity it is. Using that information, we can determine whether your pipe is sufficient for the meter that you require.

If your gas pipe has recently been laid, please provide us with the part from your quote with the spec of the pipe. This will save time as a GT1 will not be needed.

If the pipe is good to go, all we need is the following information:

Site address: 
Site contact name & number: 
MPR (Meter Point Reference number): 
Meter size: 
Maximum hourly load / peak demand of gas:  kW
Service Pressure: 
Gas supplier: 
Meter location: 
Date required:

Once we have this information, we will need to see proof that a gas supply will be in place as of the moment the meter is installed. This can be requested from your gas supplier.

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