How to Lower Your Gas Bill – Part 2

29th January 2013 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

As winter rolls on many people are noticing the pinch of paying higher bills as they try to keep warm. But there are things that you can do to keep your gas consumption at a minimum. Here’s our second instalment of top tips that can help you save money on your gas bill.

Pay Less For Gas!

Gas Bill

It may sound obvious, but taking the time to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal can really make a difference. Check what’s being offered by other companies, and then call your supplier to ask them if they can reduce your bill. It can’t hurt to ask, so be a little bit cheeky and you might be surprised at what they can do. You should also consider the way that you pay your bill; some companies offer discounts for direct debits or prompt payments, so look over all the options to see which suits you best.

Insulate Your Home

There are still a number of government incentive schemes around that can help out with loft and cavity wall insulations that will make your house more efficient and ensure that the heat you’re paying for isn’t being pumped straight out into the atmosphere. If you’re not in a position to improve the structural insulation, something as simple as a set of thermal curtains can make a difference and will be a worthwhile investment.

Use a Gas Saver

A gas saver sits over the gas ring on your hob and optimises the efficiency of the flame, meaning that you can cook on a lower heat. Less gas on the hob means a lower bill, which can only be a good thing!

Energy Efficient Appliances

When the time comes to replace your appliances, make sure you buy the most energy efficient model that you can afford. This is a long term investment that should pay for itself long before your new appliance reaches the end of its life.

Follow these top tips and you could notice a real improvement in your gas bills over the year. Here at 1Gas we are the experts when it comes to everything gas related, from meter installations to capacity checks. We are always happy to share our knowledge and experience so call us today on 0800 644 0 688 to discuss any of your gas service needs.

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