What Is A GT1 (Gas Transporter 1) Test?

25th November 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

If you are need a gas installation and realise there is a gas pipe feeding your property, you may wonder how to get a gas meter fitted.


There are millions of gas service pipes in the UK that connect properties to gas mains, which run through England, Scotland, Wales, and also the Isle of Wight.


To access gas, a meter is required to monitor how much energy is used and to regulate the pressure. From time to time, some gas pipes no longer have a meter attached, either due to theft, vandalism, unpaid bills by previous occupants, or simply because gas is no longer required.


How to find out if a gas pipe is live

In order to reconnect a gas meter, it’s normally necessary or advisable to check if the gas pipe is live, and other more detailed information. There are two checks which can be carried out:


  • One is a live or dead check, which as the name suggests, simply confirms if there is live gas in the service pipe.


  • The other is called a GT1 which stands for Gas Transporter 1. We like to call them gas pipe checks at 1Gas.

Details about GT1 test


A GT1 is carried out by the gas network owner i.e. the company that own the gas mains and this varies by region.


They usually require an engineer to visit the site, although sometimes they can be done remotely. They usually take around a week, but vary from a couple of working days to two weeks, sometimes longer if engineers are busy or if there are adverse weather conditions.


GT1 test report

As part of a GT1 check, the following information is usually provided on a written report:


  1. Capacity of the gas pipe in kilowatts (kW).
  2. Pressure in the gas mains (low pressure or LP, medium pressure or MP, intermediate pressure or IP, and high pressure or HP).
  3. Confirmation if the gas pipe is live or dead.
  4. The size and type of Emergency Control Valve (ECV) e.g. size of valve in inches or millimetres (mm) and screwed or threaded valve connection type.


Request a free GT1 test

You can request a free GT1 from 1Gas to help determine if there is a live and adequate gas service pipe or supply at your property. It allows us to ensure that the correct type and size of meter would be fitted if you accepted our quote.


There are a few different types of gas meters, such as diaphragm, rotary and turbine, which would be used depending on the amount of available gas.


In addition to this, the type of pressure in the gas mains and service pipe will determine the type of meter fitted e.g. a low pressure meter would need to be fitted to a low pressure gas supply.


If you require a gas meter to be installed at your property, and would like us to do a GT1 check on your gas pipe, please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist you.


Dear Sir/Madam
As you will be able to see from our web site we are a charity that have taken on a disused building that was a meals on wheels kitchen but closed 7 years ago and the meters were removed, now we are finding it very hard to get meters put back in, British gas have been and done a dead or alive check twice now and it is alive but that is as far as it go’s, they keep asking us for details of our usage how the hell do we know ? but our calls for help just keep falling on deaf ears as we dont have any meters numbers to give them this has been going on for a year now,
Can you help please ?
Many thanks

Richard Hearne says:

Hi Brian

Thanks for your reply.

I have sent you an email.

Richard Hearne

Alan Rogers says:

Just like to say a big thank you to 1 Gas for arranging a GT1 test. I was getting passed from pillar to post for 3 days until I called 1 Gas who knew exactly what was required and organised it in less that 5 minutes.

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