Who Supplies My Gas Meter?

30th September 2014 written by Richard Hearne in the category Resources

Your gas meter supplier will depend on whether you need the meter for your domestic or business premises. However, the majority of the UK’s gas is delivered by National Grid, Northern Gas Networks, Scotland Gas Networks, Southern Gas Networks or Wales & West Utilities.


To find out who supplies your gas, call the Meter Point Administration Service on 0870 608 1524. You will find your Meter Point Registration Number (MPRN) on your meter.

Domestic Gas Meters

Domestic meters are normally installed for free by your gas supplier. For example, we can arrange for a meter installation through Ecotricity. Ecotricity is a gas supplier who will monitor and bill you for the gas that you use. To make sure this is accurate they will install a gas meter at your property.


If you have a domestic property that needs a gas meter and you would like to use Ecotricity, contact 1Gas today for a free gas meter installation.


If you would like to use a different supplier you should contact their customer services department. They will be able to supply you with more information about their tariffs and their installation process.

Commercial Gas Meters

Unlike with domestic gas meters, commercial gas meters cost whether you are installing, removing or changing the meter. The prices start from £180 and will vary depending on the size of meter you require and the pressure tier of your service pipework.


When installing a new commercial meter, we will:


  • Conduct a GT1: This is to ensure the service pipework is live and satisfactory for a successful installation.
  • Confirm your current supply: To go ahead with the installation we will need to see the contract in place for the existing pipework.

Your meter will be installed by a Meter Asset Manager (MAM) who will be responsible for the meter and liaise with your supplier.

How do I Upgrade my Gas Service?

You will need to speak to a gas safe registered engineer who can advise on the proposed usage in KWh to determine the size of gas meter you need (U16, U25, U40, etc.) and whether the service needs to be upgraded (they should check the size of the pipe work coming into the property).


If you require help with your gas meter connection or require an upgrade, this can be done by contacting 1Gas and speaking to an expert consultant. To ensure we’re connecting and registering a meter to the correct service, we will need to know:


  • Property address
  • Location of the meter
  • The meter housing
  • Your MPRN (unique number for your pipework)

Why would I need to Upgrade my Service?

Normally, the reasons for upgrading a gas meter is that customers get a swimming pool or a boiler or an extension to their property, which requires an increased flow of gas. If you need to add additional appliances, you would benefit from an upgrade.


How can I get my Gas Meter Removed?

There are over 18 suppliers of gas in the UK including EDF Energy, Scottish Power, British Gas, npower, E.ON and SSE. You would need to ask your gas supplier (one of the aforementioned companies who you pay your gas bill to) to remove your gas meter.


If you require assistance with a gas meter, please contact our expert team on 0800 644 0688 or fill out the contact form to receive a competitive quote.

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