Who Can Provide The Cheapest Gas Meters?

26th November 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

At 1Gas we offer very competitive pricing and a comprehensive range of gas meters including ‘standard’ and ‘non standard’ meters. In other words, a ‘standard’ meter can be taken off a shelf, whereas a ‘non standard’ meter is often custom built or particularly large.  We can provide bespoke gas meters to suit your needs, alongside gas meter housings (sometimes known as meter kiosks) and concrete bases. We can provide low and medium pressure meters too.

Below is a breakdown of the most common meters installed and the capacity of kilowatts they can provide (subject to the gas service pipe from the mains):

U6 (0 kW- 65 kW)
U16 (66 kW – 173 kW)
U25 (174 kW – 271 kW)
U40 (272 kW – 433 kW)
U65 (343 kW – 704 kW)
U100 (705 kW – 1083 kW)
U160 (1084 kW – 1733 kW)

Some gas suppliers and meter providers may charge many hundreds or thousands of pounds over the going rate for a meter installation and their service may be less than helpful too. Here at 1Gas we aim to provide the best customer service possible and can often install your gas meter at just a fraction of some competitors’ prices. We also offer a price matching service to help offer the best value we can.


Katharine Isles says:

Please can you give me a quote for removal of u16 meter and instalation of a u25 meter.

Many thanks
Katharine Isles

Richard Hearne says:

Hello Katharine. We have emailed you with some further information. Thanks. Richard Hearne.

Richard Blevins says:

Can you provide a price to supply and fit a U100 gas meter in wednesfield ,Wolverhampton.
Also an indication on lead time.


Richard Blevins

Daniel says:

I am looking at a u100 meter installing can you give us a call please to discus


Richard Hearne says:

Hi Daniel.

Just emailed you.

Richard Hearne, Director.

George Rae says:

Hi I am looking for a price to supply and fit a u25 meter
In glasgow

1Gas says:

Hi George. Thanks for your email. I will email you now. Richard Hearne, Director.

David says:

I have been advised that a u16 meter has capacity above 16m3/h. What is the actual capacity the meter is capable of?

1Gas says:

Hi David,

Thanks for your comment. Meter models do vary slightly but generally speaking a U16 is capable of 65-169 kilowatts (kW). I will email you directly too just in case you need further assistance.

Many thanks,
Richard Hearne,

Paul Vincent says:

Just installed 40kw boiler to offices gas meter has been removed from premises and now require new
Thanks Paul ltpplumbing

Richard Hearne says:

Hi Paul.

I will email you now.

Richard Hearne.

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