Where Can I Buy A Gas Meter?

26th November 2012 written by Richard Hearne in the category Gas Articles

You may be under the illusion that going through a gas supplier is the only route to having a gas meter installed but this isn’t true. Gas meters come in different sizes and shapes and can be bought from a variety of different places so long as the engineers who carry out the works and their instructing company are suitably qualified and have the relevant licences. 1Gas use approved contractors and we can arrange for gas meters to be installed with freedom to shop around for a gas supply agreement.

In order to have a commercial gas meter fitted you must know what size meter you require or your peak demand of gas. You also need to arrange a gas supply agreement to be put in place. Usually we require the results of a gas pipe check carried out by an engineer to confirm the gas pipe is suitable prior to an engineer visiting site.  If you are a domestic customer a gas supplier can usually offer a free gas meter when you set up a supply contact with them.

At 1Gas we strive to offer a fast and efficient service to install your gas meter within 7-10 days of accepting our quote and providing confirmation of a gas supply agreement with a gas supplier.

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